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报告题目:Does worldwide mandatory non-financial reporting policy make firms green innovators?

报 告 人:周楷唐

报告时间: 2022年12月14日(周三)09:30-11:00

报告地点:腾讯会议(会议号 327 300 738)



Exploiting the staggered implementation of mandatory non-financial reporting requirements worldwide with a difference-in-differences design, we find that green innovation outcomes, measured with green patents and green patent citations, increase significantly post-mandate introduction. This effect is stronger for firms with poor pre-mandate ESG performance. Plausible channels facilitating post-mandate increased green innovation include i) knowledge spillovers associated with enhanced U.S. institutional investor ownership, and ii) strengthened internal sustainability infrastructure. We also find industry leaders, who face greater proprietary costs, shift their efforts from patented to unpatented (trade secrets) green innovations post-mandate to protect their proprietary information while generating favorable environmental performance outcomes.


周楷唐,武汉大学经济与管理学院会计系副教授、博士生导师。国家自然科学基金通讯评审专家,《经济研究》等学术期刊审稿人。北京大学光华管理学院会计学博士,武汉大学本科和硕士。研究领域为资本市场财务与会计、审计,研究成果发表于Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory、Journal of Business Finance & Accounting、Journal of Accounting Auditing & Finance、Management and Organization Review及《经济研究》《会计研究》《审计研究》等国内外重要学术期刊。主持国家自然科学基金青年项目、教育部人文社科青年基金项目。研究成果获得第十二届湖北省社会科学优秀成果奖二等奖。




撰稿:曲琦 审核:许浩然 单位:会计学院